What's new in GanttProject 2.5?

GanttProject 2.5 has reached its end of life. You can still download it, but we recommend using GanttProject 2.8

GanttProject 2.5, code name "Praha" (which is a capital of Czech Republic and very beautiful city), is basically a major overhaul of many features which were published in GanttProject 2.0. Many of them didn't really work or became stale, like it happened to MS Project import/export. Some suffered from counter-intuitive or simply rugged UI. So, a short list:

  • Lots of project calendar, timeline and chart improvements: timeline itself is less cluttered and can show months in the bottom row; task end date is the date when a task finishes, not the next day; weekend scheduling option; ability to change weekends without creating a new project; custom date format; ability to move the whole project forward and backward
  • Export functions update: data columns are exported/printed; date range for the exported charts; Microsoft Project 2010 files are supported
  • Collaboration: major WebDAV bugfixes (HTTPS should work fine from now on!); warnings when file is modified externally (e.g. by some other guy writing the same file)
  • UI updates: face-lifting of the settings and task properties dialogs; new toolbar with bigger and nicer icons and a search box; new custom columns manager
  • Crash recovery: UI for recovering auto-saved project snapshots; error notification bubble makes easy to view the error log

See more details and screenshots in our blog by label Praha

Video tutorial

Mark Portnell from the University of Edinburgh made a great video tutorial showing the basics of working with GanttProject 2.5