Want to make GanttProject better? There are many ways to do it!

Buy GanttProject

the easiest way which takes just seconds

Choosing paid download is the easiest way to help us. It is fast and safe, and even refund option is available if you decide that GanttProject doesn't worth your money.

Paid download is optional. It is absolutely okay to use the same GanttProject for free.


bug reporting takes minutes, beta testing may take hours

GanttProject is not bug-free software, and we are really sorry if our bugs make you feeling unhappy. But sometimes we even don't know about them or underestimate their severity. So, if you find a bug, give us a few minutes of your time and file a bug report. If your bug report turns out to be a duplicate of the existing one, we'll merge them, but you can save us a few minutes if you search the bug tracker before filing a new bug.

If you have some more spare time and want to make GanttProject even better, you can join beta testing and run beta builds in the real life. This will help us to find and fix bugs before the release.

Before filing a bug report, please read the guidelines


small fix takes minutes, full translation takes days

We want GanttProject to speak your language and fit into your culture, and you can help us. If you notice a wrong or confusing translation in GanttProject interface, let us know by filing a new translation ticket into the bug tracker.

If there is no translation for your native language and you feel enthusiastic to create one, follow the translation instructions on our wiki pages.


may take days, may take years and may take the whole life

Code contributions to GanttProject are welcome, especially if they come from skilled developers who don't need too much guidance.

Depending on your plans, you will want to work with a stable branch or unstable branch. In short, small bugfixes and improvements which touch just a few lines, don't change user experience significantly and don't require additional translations can go to the stable branch, otherwise they should go to the unstable branch.

Our wiki pages will give you instructions on building GanttProject from the source code.

We will review your code and may ask you to rewrite it partially or may even reject it. Take it easy, it is not because we are so closed or don't like someone personally. We just want to build a great application and want to keep high quality of both the code and the product