Free desktop project scheduling app

for small and medium businesses which need Gantt charts

Easy to use

  • Break down the work, build a Gantt chart, assign resources, calculate project costs and export to PDF in minutes, without reading manuals.
  • Export and import from MS Project and Excel.

Mature and reliable

  • Established in 2003 and receives regular updates.
  • Thousands of daily downloads and active users all around the world, speaking 25+ languages.

Free for any purposes

  • Commercial usage is okay.
  • No trial versions, no hidden limits, no credit card required.
GanttProject 3.2
Released on 15 Feb, 2022
GanttProject 3.2
Released on 15 Feb, 2022

GanttProject is easy to use

Easy to start
Downloads in seconds, installs instantly and ready to build projects immediately with zero setup.
Easy to use
Simple, intuitive and uncluttered user interface will let you start in just 5 minutes. Manuals are not included: you just don't need them.
Easy to export
Export documents to Microsoft Project format and import existing documents. Export to CSV or Excel for data processing. Export to PDF or PNG to produce reports or printable charts.
Watch this video to learn the basics of using GanttProject.

GanttProject is mature and reliable

Established in 2003
GanttProject was born in 2003 and we published countless maintenance and major updates since that time. And you know what? In 2022, GanttProject still can open documents produced years ago.
Thousands of users all around the world
A few thousands of people download GanttProject weekly. They can be can be found in nearly 200 countries on all continents and speak 25+ languages.

GanttProject is Free Software

Free as beer
All GanttProject packages are available for free. There is an option to choose a paid download and pay as much as you wish to support those who work on GanttProject.
Free as speech
GanttProject is distributed under GPL3 license. You can download the source code, modify it and redistribute under the terms of GPL3.