How to get support

We do our best to make your user experience with installing or using GanttProject as smooth as possible. However, you still may have issues. We provide "best effort" support through the public support forum and bug tracker. Please follow these instructions to solve your problem as fast as possible.

  1. Read Frequently Asked Questions. Seriously.
  2. Search forum and bug tracker. Chances are that other users had the same issues and solution was already published
  3. No solution yet? Write a post on the forum or file a ticket in the tracker

Forum vs bug tracker

It is okay to use either forum or bug tracker or both. However, you can save us a lot of time if you choose one of them properly depending on your issue.

  • Are you a newbie and want to know the way of doing A? Write on the forum. Read the FAQ first
  • Already have some experience with GanttProject and want to suggest a feature which you know doesn't exist yet? File Enhancement request in the bug tracker. Search existing requests and if there is one, just vote for it by giving thumb up. Don't write +1 or me too
  • Struggling with error messages or abnormal behavior? Sorry to hear, but it happens. File a bug report. Read the guidelines first

Please note that both forum and bug tracker are public visible. Do not post confidential information there. For confidential discussions please use email

Additional resources